AW Pump Offers the Best Water Filtration Solutions

In most basements, the plumbing pipes are located in the ceiling, running in between the joists and connecting at the edges with other pipes to ensure the circulation of water and the removal of waste. In a basement, however, the sink, shower and toilet are installed below these pipes. Therefore, they essentially operate without the boost gravity provides for all other plumbing functions in the home.

There’s a very simple Water Filtration solution to this problem, however. Installing a sewage ejector pump ensures that homeowners won’t have to experience a sewage backup problem. Contractors also use sewage ejectors in bathroom toilets installed at the same level as the plumbing lines. Most sewage pumps employ a tank that holds a certain amount of sewage. The float rises with the sewage, and signals the pump to cycle on.

Once the pump is running, the sewage moves out of the tank and into the plumbing pipes, where it joins the main sewer lines and leaves the home. When the tank is empty, the float moves toward the tank’s bottom, and the pump shuts off. Buying a maintenance package often lowers the costs of tune-ups. Plumbers price a one-year agreement. With a minimal investment and regular care, a Sewer Ejector Pumps restores the delicate balance of the home’s plumbing system, protects a homeowner’s investment in a basement remodel, and provides essential peace of mind that the plumbing system will operate just as it should.


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