Go for Replacing Well Tank or Sewer Pump in Easy Steps with A&W-Pump

Replacing of sewer pump

Sewage pump mainly functions to swipe away waste water together with back water out of our sewage system in houses to particular sewer or septic tank. The main reasons for the Sewer Pump Replacement are indicated below:

  • Impaired function: Somehow if a float ball is resisted somewhere or fluid level doesn’t switch on the pump then our sewer pump may be defected and requires replacement.
  • Hotness of pump: If pump are overheated frequently and flow out the fluid; then we need to replace the pump as early as possible.
  • Noisy pump: If our pump makes excessive noisy without any reason then we should keep an eye that there must be some impairment in the pump and need to be replaced.
  • Fused circuit: Sewer pump may keep on vibrating or discharge pipe starts hitting the floor surface or wall then the pump or sometimes debris deposit within the impeller of pump or it may happen that water accidentally enters electrical circuit.
  • Trapping of air: Air sometimes-gets trapped inside the swear pump which may leads to replacement of swear pump.

Sewer pump is categorized into: regular pump and grinder pump. Regular sewage pumps flush out usual waste, whereas grinder sewage pump grind off solid waste then pump removes off the liquid waste.

Replacing of well tank

Well tank or usually termed as pressure tank is truly a storing tank that stocks water from the adjacent well using pumping system. Common symbols so that we can realize that we require replacing a well tank are rusty, recycling of motor for many times and leaking from pump. Some vital steps need to replace well tank are mentioned in the below points:

  • Switch off the electrical device of the pump from the electrical board of our house or need to disconnect other circuit from the tank.
  • Inlet pipe are replaced from the pump in relief valve form. Then cover up the valve lever and pressure is inserted in the pipe. Through the drain valve pass out water.
  • Pipe wrenches are connected to the inlet pipe and again connect with the outlet pipe of the well tank. Secure nuts and washer and replace the tank safelyby lifting.

Well Tank Replacement usually requires hand implements, mechanical ability and most importantly the help of some assistant.


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